We have arrived. The first full week here in Southeast Asia has been a week of excitement, exploring,
and adjustment. A different country, a different language, and an entirely different culture, but it is easy to see that God is right here in this place. The first thing we all noticed was the obvious beauty and grandeur Southeast Asia exhibits. There are hills and mountains filled with a stunning tropical landscape that almost looks like a green ocean, with wave after wave of plants, trees, and fields. It’s a wonderful glimpse into God’s creativity and magnificence. Our team had a chance to take a day to dive into this wonderful creation that is Southeast Asia as we got to know the place we will call home for the next two months by going hiking. It was a steep and slippery trek, hiking up and down, and being surrounded by a plethora of vibrant green plant life. We journeyed for quite some time until it seemed as though there were miles of trees in each direction. Then we stopped. It was silent. In that moment of silence, it was simply us and the beauty of creation that surrounded us. It felt as though we were with God, with no distractions to keep us from just being amazed by his splendor and glory. He is an amazing God, who has made some pretty amazing places, and we are unbelievably blessed to be right here in the middle of one of them, Southeast Asia, building relationships, and sharing the hope and love He brings. It is comforting as a team to know that although we are far from home, God is right here with us, and we have plenty of places such as the where we went hiking to go and simply abide in Him.

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