After our second week here we are starting to get into a groove of our own. We are getting to know our
hosts so much more, as well as several of the families in the area. With moving being something on the near horizon we have gotten to see several families coming and going from where we are and gotten to spend some time talking with all of them. One afternoon we went to the family that owns the house we are staying in to let them know about our hosts leaving, and 4 hours later with a meal in our bellies, we left with great memories of talking and joking and friendship. Just today we spent five hours with our hosts and some other friends, fellowshipping and learning about what our hosts do here. We had some time talking about father and his word, got to share struggles and joys, and finished it off with food and videos. Dad is a great father, and we get to enjoy that fact with our friends here on a daily basis it seems.

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