Gulf Harbour, New Zealand is a spiritually exhausting place to be. There are so many webs of lies trying to entangle and entrap people that it makes teaching the Gospel extremely difficult. More often than not, you have to cut away the deception and quickly plant the truth before the lies begin to grow back. It is wearisome work.

And yet, despite the uphill battle, I have no doubt in my mind that God is here and that He is working.

Hearts are softening, eyes are being opened, and the lies that the enemy has sown are being cast away. Day after day I see God tightening his grip on the people of Gulf Harbour, drawing them ever closer to himself. For example, there is a family here that randomly chose to try church out. They’re originally from the UK and, before coming to New Zealand, have never had any connection with Christianity. Since coming to The Vine, they have shown nothing but interest in Jesus and the forgiveness that he offers. Dots are being connected and questions are being asked. They’re so close to committing themselves fully (please be praying for them!)

It has also been really encouraging to see all of the members of The Vine coming together as the body of Christ. The company that makes up The Vine is a rather motley gang of people from all walks of life, but here they are, standing together as a testament to the work that God has been doing. Members are encouraging one another, taking care of one another, and ministering to one another in ways that continue to amaze me. It has been an incredible blessing to be a part of and I have really enjoyed my time helping out and serving at The Vine.

Even when days are drab and the clouds refuse to reveal the sun, God is here and He is working.

This past week, I helped a bit with music for the main service and continued working with the Children’s service. I have also been spending the past couple of days preparing my sermon for this upcoming Sunday. Thank you for your continued Prayer!




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