After spending eight weeks in New Zealand, I’ve finally made it back to the States and the feeling is bittersweet.

I am really excited to see friends and family, move into my new apartment, and start my last year of school, but boarding my flight in Auckland was difficult. I have developed such a great love for the country and culture of New Zealand and leaving after just two short months seems way too soon. I am really going to miss the all the wonderful relationships that I made and all the people who welcomed me into their home’s. It was such an amazing privilege to bear witness to all the awesome work that God is doing in a place where so many have turned away from Him and I will never forget my experience there.

Nate alongside some of the church members he spent his summer with.

Here are a some of things that had a profound impact on me while in New Zealand:

  • God does not need any of us to fulfill His purposes, but He chooses to equip and use us to proclaim His name and glorify Him (This is so cool!!!!).
  • God shows up in both big and small ways. He reveals himself through dramatic conversions faith and late-night emails, through powerful sermons and in conversations over coffee, through burning sunrises and a simple meal shared between friends.
  • God is cutting through the lies of the enemy that entrap so many, raising up ministers and preachers and kingdom workers to plant truth and teach about the restoration and forgiveness that Jesus offers.
  • Even when you’re spiritually exhausted and don’t feel like continuing, God is faithful and will restore you and heal you if you let Him.

New Zealand is a country of intense and magnificent beauty. With towering mountains and vast, green rolling hills, there is much to behold. However, what I found to be the most beautiful was being able to come alongside the church planters and ministers in New Zealand and assist them in the calling that God has placed on their life.

Please continue praying for New Zealand and the people that make it great.


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