I don’t know where the last two months went, but here I am finishing up a week of debrief and writing our final blog post. As I reflect on the summer, it was amazing and beautiful, yet challenging and full of growth. Our team experienced the beauty of Cambodia and the love of its people, both of which deeply impacted us. I don’t think Tailor, Mackenzie, or I  were ready to say goodbye to the LOHI staff or students, but difficult goodbyes show that everything between that and the hello was meaningful. Despite the fact that we saw the issues faced by global youth–poverty, trafficking, lack of education, spiritual warfare, and the after-effects of a genocide– we know that there is hope. We leave confident that God is working in Cambodia because we’ve seen Him and interacted with His people. We know their faces and smiles, the sounds of their laughs and their cries, and their hopes and dreams. We felt God’s love for us through them. We praise God for that opportunity!

We hope to return to Cambodia again someday but for now, it’s back to life in America. Tailor may be starting grad school, Mackenzie will return to Miami to finish her Senior year, and I will be moving to downtown Cincinnati to begin a new job while finishing college as well. However, it is impossible for us to return home the way we left. We are coming home forever changed, and ready to continue advocating for global missions stateside (for the time being). Cambodia will always have a place in our heart, and who knows maybe some of us will be back. No matter what we praise God for the last two months. Thanks to all of you who have prayed and supported us along the way. -Lydia, team leader


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