This summer has been an amazing growing experience for all Logan, Vail, and I. We grew
close as a team, and we learned things about God that we didn’t expect to. One of the things
we came to as a team is the fact that God has His plans, and they don’t necessarily seem right
or what we would choose, but they are always the best for us.

As we leave and return home both Vail and Logan are starting their last year at college. Logan
is extremely excited to see friends and family and get to share his experiences. Vail is excited to
get to spend time with all of her family and share what God did with and through her this
summer. Personally I am excited to be going home to get married and start a new chapter of
my life with an amazing woman.

This summer was not what we anticipated in any way, but God was faithful through it to provide
us with strength and patience when needed, and to teach us things about Him we will carry with
us for years to come. Thank you for all of the prayers and support and love that we felt as we
were in Indonesia.

His Peace,
Team Dreamdonesia

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