Hannah has one of the most compassionate hearts I have ever seen. Early on in our time here, it poured rain. While the rest of the team was annoyed about walking in mud, Hannah was worried about those who don’t have shelter. Hannah was designed to love people.

During pre-field orientation, we spent a day thinking on what it means to be called to abundant life (John 10). Sometimes, it feels like it takes some time for Truth to make it from my head down to my heart, maybe you’ve experienced this too. I’ve read about God’s desire for us to have life to the fullest dozens of times it seems, but I don’t know that I’ve felt it in my heart until this summer.

Jillian has no lack of patience when it comes to kids. It doesn’t matter how much they tug at her hair or want to wear her glasses, her outpouring of love over them is moving. God has so clearly designed her to love the little ones.

You see, we aren’t designed to make money, hold stable jobs, seek after promotions, lay away for retirement, or any of those sorts of things. We were designed by God to worship Him and live in His love, and invite others to do likewise. The two greatest commandments are to love God and love people, so why are our greatest priorities concerned with other things?

Taylor is never at a loss for games to play, songs to sing, or jokes to crack. Taylor was designed to share the joy of the Lord with everyone she meets.

This week, I got to have a good conversation with one of my teammates. We were walking along through the Bomas (clusters of homes) talking about things like college and life callings. The Spirit prompted me to share with my teammate about how I chose my college major. In high school, I went on a project to India. I totally and utterly fell head-over-heels for missions, travel, culture, and people. During my time in India, God took the passion I had for student ministry and blew it up. He showed me so much about who He created me to be and what He wanted to use me for. After India, I couldn’t stop asking the question “If this is what God has wired me to do, why wouldn’t I do it?” I had thought about other majors and had weighed the cost of going into ministry versus getting a “stable job,” but I always had a gut feeling that there was something more to be had. Against some people’s advice, I took the plunge and majored in missions.

Coltyn has tried harder than anyone on the team to engage the Kenyan and Maasai cultures. From wearing shukas to trying his best to roll his R’s when he speaks Maasai, Coltyn was undeniably created to learn and engage with people who are different from him.

My first year away at college, one of my professors read this quote from theologian Frederick Buechner to our class: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” This was confirmation to me that I was in the right place, pursuing the right thing. All too often we choose to pursue stability first and God second, but you’ll find overtime that you always come up short that way.

Eve is always quick to encourage and even quicker to laugh. She easily puts people at ease and can get into deep Gospel issues because of it. She was evidently crafted to share the Good News.

I asked my teammate that same question: “If this is what God has wired you to do, why wouldn’t you do it?” It may seem scary. It may seem illogical. It may not be the smart or responsible decision you’ve been conditioned to seek after, but I pinky promise you it will be more worth it than you could ever imagine. We were designed to yearn for so much for. So long as we painstakingly pursue what this world has to offer, we will miss out on the ecstasy of what God has to offer.



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