G’day mates!

Since arriving in Australia on Wednesday, we have had many exciting and wonderful experiences. From a train ride from the airport to Newcastle, to meeting our new church family, to sitting in on some scripture classes in a couple schools that we’ll be participating in.

Our hosts have loved introducing us to Aussie culture as we have been able to explore many parts of the Newcastle area. From strolling on a beach on our first day, to local shopping malls, and working our way through understanding Aussie slang, we are beginning to learn so much (and in an exciting way!) about the unique Aussie way of life!

An awesome experience that we’ve experienced has been brekkie club. Brekkie club (breakfast club) is a before school activity that runs Tuesday through Friday mornings. Through this club, we serve kids toast with butter, jam, or Vegemite. Vegemite is a thick spread made with leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives (Google definition). We had the opportunity to try Vegemite and it has a strong, bitter/salty taste.

Along with providing some breakfast, we get to provide smiles, laughs, and an encouraging start to the kid’s school day!! It’s been a lot of fun seeing the smiling faces, and little giggles from the kids as they stand in line.

After church on Sunday we had a special housewarming party for one of our hosts, Nate McGlumphry, who is a missionary here from the States. This party was so much fun as we were not only greeted by our new church family (as well as a special visit by a giant tree frog!) but we were also able to bond with our new church family. Some have already invited us to come and visit their homes, which both encourages us and excites us to see what God has in store for us this Summer (or rather this Australian Winter)!


Alex & Bri


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