This summer internship was great for both of us and we learned so much about God and ourselves. Here are both of our thoughts about the summer as a whole.


For me, this past summer had been nothing but absolutely incredible as I was not only in a beautiful country but also my spiritual walk with Christ grew as well. This summer (or winter to Australians) God placed me in several situations where I felt as I was outside of my comfort zone (such as preaching in a church for the first time and teaching younger children). There were times where I felt that I was not adequate to do these things. However, God taught me to things in the midst of these moments. The first is that he reminded me of the power of the Holy Spirit working through me and it is not just me doing these things. The second is that he taught me that he can still use me even if I feel if I can’t be used, and I can have an impact even if I don’t initially see it. Having this knowledge that the Holy Spirit is working within me, even in times where I don’t feel up to the task, has been huge for me and I will take this knowledge through my walk!

I have also fallen in love with the Australian people, culture, and everything that belongs to Australia! I was not (and I still am not) ready to leave and I miss Australia deeply. I have the greatest desire in my heart to return. Australia will always have a special place in my heart and part of my heart will always be there!


This missions trip was absolutely incredible! One of the opportunities we had in Australia was being able to teach scripture classes. The most surprising thing about that was some of the kids have absolutely no clue about stories in the Bible. The only ones that do are ones who’s families go to church. It was such a crazy thing to be teaching and having the kids sitting on the edge of their seats and gasping and having no idea what’s coming next. It was very eye opening to see that kids in a first world country, who have access to the Bible and church and all of these resources, have no clue who Jesus is or what happens in the story of David and Goliath. It was a challenge to revamp my teaching style so I wouldn’t be using terms that would go over the kid’s heads. One thing that God taught me over the summer is that He provides joy and victory in the small everyday things; if we take the time to look for them. Throughout the first month or so I was really struggling with the fact that this was a spiritual and relational needs trip, not a physical needs trip. It was hard for me to feel like we were making an impact or helping in any way because I couldn’t see the change. For example, on a physical needs trip, you can see a church being built, children being fed, things being organized, etc. A win/ victory for us was having a conversation with someone or encouraging someone in their walk with God. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t see the difference or impact. While I was having a conversation with some of the missionaries they reminded me that the small things are a win. It was then God spoke to my heart, saying that don’t overlook the small things, because sometimes the small things become the big things. It was an amazing experience and I’m so thankful that God gave me this opportunity


Again, this summer was an amazing experience and it’s hard to believe that we are back in the States now! Thank you everyone who has partnered with us in supporting us in prayer and financially!


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