“MOB” is what we affectionately call the Short-Term Mobilization Department at New Mission Systems International…it is also a lot easier to say! You can learn more about New Mission Systems International (NMSI) on our website! The short story is that we are a missionary sending organization that exists to proclaim Christ and makes disciples globally; this means that if you are called to be involved in global missions, we can help!

Here in the MOB, we focus on projects ranging in length from one week to six months. Our most popular products are our Short-Term Projects (STP) and Venture Internships. Our STPs are usually one or two weeks long and can go almost anywhere in the world. NMSI has over 220 missionaries in more than 30 countries! Our STPs help people learn about missions, serve God’s people around the world, and make the name of Christ known.

Our Venture Internships are typically about ten weeks, but we also have Mini-Internships that are four or five weeks long. The Venture Internships seek to allow college students the chance to learn, serve, and grow.

Wondering if you are qualified to go on one of our trips? For all of our projects, there is an application process. This process allows us to get to know you better and gives us a better understanding of how God is working in your life. It is also a great way for us to determine if we are a good fit for you. We want to see you serving God where He wants you to serve and sometimes that’s with another organization.

We are always working on new projects and looking for people with a lot of different skills, passions, and abilities. If you teach, we want you! If you are a physical therapist, we want you! If you take pictures, we want you! If you studied psychology, we want you! The list could go on, but you probably get the point. God can use whatever unique set of skills that you have to do amazing things in His Kingdom.

For information about how you or your youth group, class, campus ministry, or church can get involved, email: mobilization@nmsi.org.